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Why do I have to do a discovery call before buying a coaching package?
Your success is very important to me. One reason my clients experience profound transformation is because my approach aligns with their desires. The discovery call is an opportunity to ensure I am the right coach for you and you are the right client for me. We will do deep work together, so let's make sure we're a powerful team before committing. 

What do you work with clients on?
All of life is a series of relationships — with your vocation, erotic power, creativity, community, lovers, friends, family, and most importantly, the relationship to yourself. If you are struggling to relate in a way that aligns with your values and highest aims, then we can work together to effectively shift how you relate. Beneath most of our ineffective relating patterns are unresolved fears, shame, guilt, anxiety, anger, and a host of internalized beliefs that no longer serve you. The good news is that within all of that is incredible power, joy, and love that is waiting for you to claim and become.

Are sessions in-person or online?
Our coaching sessions will always be online. If you live in the Denver or Seattle areas, I offer packages that include bodywork and in-person rituals.

Can I do single sessions?
I only accept single session requests from clients who have completed a coaching immersion. Coaching immersions establish foundational practices and intimacy with personal wisdom. Once that foundation is set, as-needed sessions can be incredibly supportive.

What's the difference between therapy and coaching?
Therapists are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of mental health issues leveraging diagnostic tools like the DSM. Coaches cannot diagnose or prescribe treatment based on a diagnosis. As a coach, I am trained to take people who have a basic level of integration and mental health from "good" or "ok" to "outstanding”. This is the gift of coaching, to take people to thriving and extraordinary experiences. 
Coaching and therapy can be quite complimentary, as coaching provides an embodied practice space to deepen the momentum of healing work. In coaching, we will engage in a practice of exploration and unfolding that, in my experience, can quicken any other healing work you are doing towards your goals. We will have the space to bring in the creative, the ritualistic, the erotic, and the primal to touch parts of the spirit and psyche that may or may not have a place in traditional therapy.