Welcome to Shadow Play Coaching

trauma and nervous system informed - culturally humble - grounded and loving

Want to hear a cosmic joke? All that seemingly unending fear, shame, guilt, anxiety, and anger is the key to congruence, AND shadow work can feel ecstatic.

The wisdom is in your wounding. The blessings are in your bullshit. Your "negative" emotions often protect your deepest desires and power, which are waiting to be liberated.

The Shadow Play approach shifts your inner and outer experience from wrestling with negative self-talk and self-destructive behavior into an energy-giving, enjoyable dance. Through coaching, you will transform negative beliefs, heal your nervous system, and enter your post-trauma era. 

All the energy trapped in managing your reactivity will be transmuted into the power you need to step into the life you long for.

Your whole self is welcome here. In fact, the darkest parts will define your light.

Unbind your power, welcome pleasure, and shift your ingrained reactions.
Transform the one variable at the heart of everything - YOU. 
Does this resonate with you?


  • Your wounding continues to be the director and star of your life.
  • You know your red flags, but you continue to blow up relationships and opportunities. 
  • You logically, rationally "know better", but your behavior doesn't change.
  • You know on an intellectual level you are worthy, powerful, beautiful and yet inner criticisms rage on.
  • You are worn down by managing your thoughts and emotions, so you end up with zero energy to fully self-actualize.
  • You might know something is missing on your healing journey… but the power and clarity to: name it, identify obstacles both conscious and unconscious, bravely welcome the unknown, and taking action - is missing.


YOUR SHADOW is the path to PLEASURE and POWER!
Do you truly desire...

  • Peace and pleasure as your baseline.
  • Secure attachment in your relationships.
  • Unshakable self-love.
  • Self-trust sourced from intimacy and honesty with your sacred yes and no.
  • Liberation from negative internal narratives and shame.
  • The power to choose in your thoughts, emotions, and actions.
  • Clear knowing of what you need and the bravery to pursue those needs.
  • Attract and maintain high-caliber relationships built on respect, love, and harmony - that you don't blow up.
  • Erotic power imbued in all areas of your life, so you profoundly enjoy the journey.


About me

Hello! Welcome! I am a NeuroSomatic Relationship and Intimacy Coach, licenced hypnotherapist, and transformative ritualist. I specialize in supporting the LGBTQ, Poly, and Kink communities. Rather than work in the past, we work in the present to identify cycles of reactive behavior and allow those to illuminate the possibilities for the future. Togather we transmute pain into a path of agency, joy, and unshakable self-trust. 

My coaching methodology weaves together applied neurology, somatic (body-based) practices, shifting subconscious mindsets, spiritual guidance, and insightful guided inquiry. Within this holistic framework, individuals are empowered to become the architects of their own healing journey, establishing a deep connection and unwavering trust in their innate wisdom. This approach focuses on restoring the nervous system to a place of safety and capacity through innovative applied neurology techniques. An intimate relationship to the primal nervous system is the foundation for permanent changes in your thoughts, behaviors, and actions. 

VITA Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach 
Flourish Health Coach
NeuroSomatic Intelligence Coach
Evidence-based Hypnotist

You will transform

Shadow Play Coaching works on the somatic, subconscious, erotic, and intellectual levels. Mind-to-body and body-to-mind.

Move from intellectual knowing to embodied wisdom that expresses effortlessly.

This is deep, committed work that will unfold insights over your lifetime.

Does your gut say yes? 

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NeuroSomatic Transformation

You have come so far in your healing joutney, but there’s still something missing. This program is designed for individuals who have experienced growth and are aware of the impact of trauma, but continue to struggle with emotional reactivity, negative thoughts, and an inability to change behavior. Are you feeling me? 

Using guided inquiry, somatic practices, and practical, action-oriented tools, you will transform negative beliefs and rewrite your inner narrative. Additionally, this radical approach moves beyond talk therapy and delves into the nervous system with NeuroSomatic Coaching to identify roots of reactivity in the body.

Coaching nurtures the development of unshakable self-trust as YOU become your most powerful tool for ongoing self-liberation. Learn to recognize and honor your deepest yes and no and bravely act in aligned with your values and desires. 

  • Baseline emotional regulation, no longer "always regulating"
  • Reducing anxiety, stress, depression, and hypervigilance
  • Resolve triggers so they no longer triggering
  • Know what you need and bravely pursue it
  • Trust yourself
  • LOVE being in your mind and body
Secure and Sexy

If you long for loving, committed, hot relationships but find yourself terrified of intimacy, vulnerability, and commitment... If you tend to sabotage relationships with explosive reactions fueled by GTFO, anger, fear, or anxiety... If you yearn to explore passionate intimacy but often grapple with fear, numbness, or confusion about embracing pleasure – this program is here to guide you.

In this program, you will embark on a transformative journey to heal attachment wounds and unlock a world of peace, joy, and sizzling connection in your relationships. Through cutting-edge neuro training, you'll forge an unshakable inner foundation of safety and security, becoming the bedrock for a secure attachment. We won't shy away from tackling your most profound desires for intimacy and sexuality, dismantling any obstacles standing in the way of ecstasy.

  • Give and receive love generously from a place of secure attachment
  • Create a profound sense of self-trust
  • Heal relational and sexual trauma
  • Identify and cultivate your erotic needs and power
  • Actualize your deepest sexual, sensual, and kinky desires
  • Be your best self in relationship
I strive to be trauma-informed, transparent, and divest from manipulative sales tactics. Choose the pricing option that aligns with your current resources.
I believe that energetic exchange and consciously choosing to direct your resources to your healing are vital to honoring the process. That said, balancing sustainability and access within an oppressive capitalist system remains a worthy challenge. Embracing sliding scale, low-cost group programming, trade/barter, and mutual aid, I aim to challenge the existing system while receiving monetary compensation with gratitude. Thank you for co-creating this. 

Supported Tier
12-session package: $1020
6-session package: $510
4-session package: $350
Sustaining Tier
12-session package: $1500
6-session package: $750
4-session package: $525
Impact Tier 
12-session package: $2000
6-session package: $1000
4-session package: $700
From My Clients
I felt unable to focus on what I truly needed in my life. I did not feel safe to access my deepest wisdom. I had tried meditation and conventional therapy. Guided meditations are helpful to me as sometimes there is a kernel of wisdom that pops in my mind, but it's scattershot and not always easy to integrate. Therapy is fine, but my therapist is not the sort to understand energy and shadow work. After working with Piper, I was able to integrate certain parts of myself and bring them online to integrate with the rest of my psyche. I also felt more trust in myself to be able to go into the darker places within and emerge with new knowledge. Piper is kind, welcoming, playful, knowledgeable and wildly intelligent about people and their inner workings. If there is something you don't feel like you can say aloud, you can tell Piper.
- Miranda